Monday, 26 May 2014

17 Cheek Stamp Blush

17 Cheek Stamp Blush in Bashful
So I'll admit I haven't always been into blushes. I love to contour with bronzer and highlighter and so I didn't want blush to overshadow my beloved highlighting. But recently, especially now it's summer, I have been leaning more towards blush as a quick and easy way to brighten my face and add more dimension when I want to just get up and go! 
In Ireland I'm sure everyone will agree that when you wake up and the sun is shining you have to race outside and absorb as much Vitamin D as you can (but don't forget the SPF!) because you don't know how long it will last! On those days there's just not enough time for my usual contouring routine! Well hello 17 Cheek Stamp Blush (€6.29), nice to meet you!
These adorable little blushes captured my heart (and interest) as soon as I laid eyes on them in Boots. First of all the packaging; a small plastic cylindrical pot that is coloured similar to the shade of the blush inside (to cute!). There is a little mirror on the top that is big enough to see quiet a lot of your face, which you wouldn't think from the pictures. The pot unscrews and the bottom with the sponge is springy and so pops right out. 
When you purchase the blush there is a film over the blush to keep the sponge clean, when the film is removed and the sponge is pressed into the product you pick up enough product for the two cheeks. 
The sponge is spring loaded so you can press (literally press) the sponge onto the apples of your cheeks to deposit the perfect amount of product and then blend it out and up to your temple using a fluffy brush. I love this aspect because I can be a bit heavy handed with blush, swirling generously, but this applies the perfect amount for me and then I just have to blend as I please!

I picked up Bashful, a lovely brown-based nude shade. 
Sponge with product; front on and side views
I am not a pink person, I have very fair skin and slightly copper tinted hair so pink does not suit me so I was pleased to find the cheek stamp collection had a really nice variety of colours. There are 5 colours but there are shades to suit every skin tone! I will be picking up The Cheek of It, a pink-based nude, next time I am passing Boots!

Have you tried theses cheek stamps? What do you think of them?


Sunday, 25 May 2014

My Daily Routine

Products used in most of my daily routines; bottom left shows eye look done for this post
So I thought a good way to start off my first beauty post (after my introductory post) was to show you all my every day basic routine! I was a bit afraid to do this because I wanted to show my before and after faces, but posting my naked face is so scary! But I shall bare all in the name of science...
This look is quiet neutral but still 'I put in a bit of effort'. 

So what have I got on my face you ask?

For the summer I have switched from my normal medium coverage foundation to a light BB cream. I use Catrice BB Allround Foundation Multi-Benefit Makeup (€6.49). I love this BB cream! Cheap and cheerful, it brightens my dull complexion and gives me enough coverage to feel comfortable and confident without feeling heavy and like it's gonna melt off my face. I have it in light beige. It also comes with SPF 30 which is great for me as SPF 10 or 20, like on other BB creams, would just not do it for my poor sunburn prone, paler-than-pale skin.While 1 of the 6 benefits of the BB cream is moisturisation, I still like to moisturise before I do my makeup; I have quite dry skin. I use Garnier Moisture Match Wake Me Up Revitalising Hydrating Gel (€7.99) for dull skin.
Under my eyes are a nightmare! I have very deep blue-purple circles and no amount of sleep or water seems to help. Not only that, but the skin is very dry and sensitive, so finding a concealing product can be quite tough. Enter Sleek Corrector and Concealer Palette (€6.49). I have this palette in #01, the lightest shade, and it has SPF 15 - yay! I love this product so much, I will be doing a full review for it soon, so keep an eye out for that. I then like to set everything with Rimmel Clear Complexion Transparent Powder (€5.95) and contour with Natural Collections Suntint Bronzing Powder (€2.49) in Sunshine.
While I don't mind skimping on bronzer, I LOVE my highlighters and that is an area I will splurge on. The luxury products in my make up bag are my Benefit highlighters. In this post, and most days, I use Girl Meets Pearl (€35).

Enough about the face, what about my eyes?

I love eyeshadows! There is so much room for creativity! I especially love when I find cheap eyeshadows that are as good quality as my expensive ones. MUA eyeshadow palettes are my favourite eyeshadow palettes for everyday (don't tell my Naked 3!). For everyday use I look to my MUA Heaven and Earth Palette and my MUA Matte Palette (both around €5 from Superdrug). Yes, you see that correctly, €5! These eye shadows last me all day with eyeshadow primer, but not even an expensive primer - I use Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base (€2.50). For mascara I always reach for Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Super Volume Mascara (€13), it's starting to run out now and I'm debating whether or not to switch it up and try something new....?

And lastly, whats on my lips?

For everyday wear around the house or walking the dogs, I do not use anything exciting, usually a nude Essence lipstick such as Essence Lipstick #63 Flattering Nude (€1.95). For college, day time social events and nights out I am obsessed with bright lips! I will be doing another post on all my favourite lip products (yay statement lips <3) soon!

So for the final reveal:
Before and After
I didn't mention all of the products used, as you can probably tell from the picture at the start of the post, as that would result in an even longer post (how could it be any longer?!). I will do a 5 product face or something similar soon as I did use quite a few things here.
That is all for now, please comment if you have used any of these products or want to recommend any!


Saturday, 24 May 2014

Introducing Me!

So I’m not really sure where to start! The thought of starting a blog is quiet daunting. I had been thinking about this for so long but never thought I would actually make the leap and do it! I decided summer would be the best time to start since I was so busy with college before so I wouldn't have been able to be consistent. 
Another thing holding me back was… myself. I am quite a shy person and find it hard to put myself out there, I would much rather blend in than stand out when it comes to opinions. But I do want to push myself and this has been a dream for so long, so here I am! Since I am only starting out I would appreciate any constructive criticism and also if anyone wants to comment with their own blogs I would be happy to follow them back.

I am not an expert, and also on a budget. I don’t have many expensive brands of make up or have all the necessary brushes. I love makeup but it is an expensive passion! I would guess that makes me more relatable though, when I was just following other blogs I would do an eye look with say 3 brushes and have it look the same as in the video where the person used near 10 brushes. In time I hope to build my collection and become more professional, I would also like to do a part time makeup artistry course.

Some of my favourite products

My favourite eye products that I wear daily

Also, the name explained: I love buttercups, they are so pretty and yellow is my favourite colour! When I was younger and would hold the buttercup under my chin to see the yellow reflected onto my skin I would call it a “buttercup blush” or say I was “blushing buttercups”. So that’s really it!
I am excited to see where I can go with this blog and hope to make lots of bloggy friends on the way. I’ll leave it there for now!