Sunday, 8 June 2014

Sleek Corrector and Concealer Palette

In my Daily Routine post I mentioned this product and how much I loved it! This palette comes with a corrector and concealer that are both soft and creamy and very easy to blend. The palette also comes with setting powder that ensures the product stays on throughout the day and absorbs any excess oils. One of the things I love most about this product is that the setting powder has SPF 15 to protect the delicate skin under the eyes.
I have very deep bluish purple circles under my eyes and have tried many products to not just cover them but to prevent them and completely get rid of them! Blue circles are a sign of not enough or to much sleep (hey I'm on my summer holidays!). I have tried many caffeinated under eye roll ons with cooling balls, teabags, cucumbers and eye serums and do they budge? Nope!

I found the Sleek Corrector andConcealer Palette (€6.49) on the Boots website. I watched and read some reviews and everything was very positive so I decided I would try it in shade #1 Light. It comes in a cute sleek (no pun intended) black package with a mirror in the upper lid. The pans of product were larger than I was expecting for the price, which made me oh so happy! 
The product; L-R corrector, concealer, setting powder
The corrector is a light salmon colour that neutralises the discolouration and therefore hides the dark circles. The concealer is a light nude colour that can be used to hide blemishes anywhere on the face, this is not just an eye concealing palette. The setting powder is a light yellow colour that sets the concealer and corrector keeping the concealed areas matte and shine free.
I have been using this palette for over a month and I am happy to say I am very very pleased with it! The pictures below were taken without foundation, only moisturiser underneath:  

Circles before anything was applied
One eye done, can you guess which?
I will definitely be repurchasing this product but I'd love to know what everyone's favourite concealer for dark under eye circles are. I would love to do a post in the future comparing a few! Anyone else tried this palette and have any thoughts?


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