About Me

I am a 21 year old biologist with a mild (or maybe a tad crazy) makeup obsession. I love everything beauty and wanted to share my thoughts and looks with people with similar interests. My first blog post introduces me pretty well, so if you haven't already you can check that out!

Everyday I prefer neutral eyes and statement lips, I LOVE red and purple (not together!) lips. I do love to experiment with eye looks especially colourful eye liner! I am a student on a budget and so most of my makeup is on the cheaper side (cheap does not mean bad!) but I love my little luxuries from Urban Decay and Benefit.
If you are interested in honest opinions on your everyday brands (I have never used Chanel..) and achievable makeup looks then I might be the beauty blogger for you.

I would love to get to know other beauty bloggers and become part of the blogging community but I'm such a newb! Any comments and criticism would be greatly appreciated, all my contact details are in the contact me tab above.

I hope to have fun and am not doing this blog to become anything other than what I already am. I have no huge goals except to have fun and make friends and maybe help out a few people their everyday beauty as well. Before I ramble anymore; thank you if you are even reading this!


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